To eliminate bullying by engaging, equipping and empowering students to be the educated leaders of today.

Engage students and their communities to unite in creating safe, caring and constructive learning environments.

Equip students with tools and techniques to help them navigate and thrive in their world.

Empower students to be today's leaders who take a stand when they see or experience bullying.

Let’s Connect.
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Lexi Barnett, Director
(253) 761-2144

Our Passion, Our Dedication. An Interview with the Director of Kidco.

Why KidCo?

KidCo’s message is one that I wish someone would have told me when I was a child. As a child, I didn’t know my self-worth and many of the mistakes I made growing up can be attributed to that. The truth is every child will experience pain and feelings of self-doubt in their lives. The “I’m Now” message speaks of value and self-worth RIGHT NOW, and every student needs to hear it AND believe it.

Why should people care?

Every student deserves to go to school and feel safe. Bully prevention is a community effort— a community necessity. Physical and emotional harassment in schools is an epidemic; linked to poor grades, bad behavior, even student suicides and school shootings. I believe NO student deserves to be abused—every student deserves an opportunity to get the best education possible. So remember, bullying and harassment are not a school problems, they are community problems, and as a community, we can STAND UP together and unite for our children.

Why come into the schools and do our presentations for free?

Kids need our help. Parents also need our help. Schools are asking for our help because the teachers already have enough on their plate. By law, children are required to go to school; therefore, it should be our duty to help them feel safe. Our message is designed to build a resiliency in students so they can take back the power from bullies. We want to build self-confidence and self-worth so students can STAND UP for others who experience bullying. Our motto: “If I See Something, I’m Going to Say Something. I’m Taking a Stand,” gives students the opportunity to make a difference.

Protecting future leaders of our community.

The children of today will grow up to be the leaders of tomorrow, so it is the mission of KidCo to empower these children. I want KidCo to be an example of how positive encouragement can make a huge impact on someone’s life. Positive impacts yield positive results. Watching children learn these skills and values in a fun way is the most rewarding part. They begin to feel empowered and equipped, and feel the need to begin engaging others around them to make a difference and be a change maker now.

What can YOU do?

I firmly believe you NEED to hear the KidCo presentation, the “I’m Now” message, and my dream is to have our message reach each and every person in our community. If you are a parent, take the time to talk with your kids about bullying, ask your school to schedule a KidCo presentation and join with us in making a difference. Your participation matters.