KidCo is a program for kids by kids. Our students have fully embraced the important message we are presenting and love to make it as fun and thought provoking as possible. We encourage all our new friends to watch the slideshow of our team members and to take the “I’m Now Pledge.” When you fill out the pledge, you will be awarded with a special KidCo certificate.

Thank you from all of us at KidCo!

Let’s Connect.
If you would like to speak with us directly about being bullied or you know someone who is, please contact:

KidCo Team
(253) 761-2144

During our assemblies, you are encouraged to:

• Build positive character traits
• Become active & eager learners
• Develop problem solving: critical thinking & communications skills
• Become positive, productive, empowered, leaders
• Lend a helping hand to those in need
• Take pride in your schoolwork & personal life
• Set goals & learn to work together as a team
• Participate in solutions that create a safe environment
• Constructively handle an unwanted situation
• Take the “I’m Now” pledge…

I’m NOW!

My well being, my decisions, and my actions are important.

I’m speaking to others with kindness and respect.

I’m walking away from an harmful or unsafe situations.

I’m talking to a parent, a teacher, or an adult when any type of
harmful or unsafe activity occurs (it’s not snitching).

I’m supporting students who have been hurt by any form of
harassment, intimidation or bullying.

I’m making a difference in my school, community and world.


I’m NOW!